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Yolo County
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Yolo County

UC Nutrition Education Program

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The University of California CalFresh Nutrition Education Program is committed to helping serve the residents of Yolo County to lead healthier and happier lives. We work with other agencies, preschools, schools, youth programs, and others to integrate health promotion activities. 

If more than 50% of your students qualify to recieve free or reduced price lunches, you get all of the materials for free! We currently serve over 52 sites in Yolo County! Please view our map!

Yolo County Nutrition Sites Map

Click our links to choose the age group you work with, or contact one of our program coordinators for more information:


Kimberly Prado, Bilingual Nutrition Educator - Preschool
 Kimberly Prado, Bilingual Nutrition Educator - Preschool and After school, 530-666-8720


 Sonia Fernandez, Bilingual Nutrition Educator - Early Elementary, 530-666-8702


Angela Asch, Nutrition Educator - Middle School, High School, and Parent Classes 530-666-8731


Christie Hedrick_Sm
 Christie Hedrick, Nutrition Educator - Preschool and Elementary 


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 Marcel Horowitz, Program Director 530-666-8722


If your site does not qualify for free materials, many can still be purchased through the University at

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*Are you a teacher or educator that works with children, teens, or adults? 

*Are you interested in helping your youth learn about good eating habits?
*Are you personally interested in eating better or want to learn about nutrition?
*We have FREE supplies for you!
*We have books, CD's, DVD's and VHS on Nutrition and Physical Activity for infants to adults.
*We also have activity supplies like Frisbees, jump ropes, hula hoops, and parachutes.
*All items are loaned out and can even be brought to you.

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 Funding is provided by various grants. Our main funders are the UC CalFresh Nutrition Education Program, the United States Department of Agriculture, the University of California, and the County of Yolo.

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