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UC CalFresh Nutrition Education Program - Fuel Their Minds

Issue Articles  
Winter 2015

*March-National Nutrition Month 

*Herb Garden

*Fruity Salsa Recipe 

*Seed Planting

*Lactose Intolerance

Parent Corner: Be the Change; ¡Sé el Cambio!




1/26/16 Download
(849KB PDF)
Fall 2015

*Benefits of Board Games


*Fruit Cobbler Recipe

*Garden Puppet Show

*Free Physical Activity Resources

*Parent Corner:Let's Play/¡Jugamos!

10/5/15 Download
(889KB PDF)
Summer 2015

*2015 Free Summer Meal Program

*Youth Community Events

*Throw and Catch Fruit and Vegetable Game

*Watermelon Ice Cubes

*5 Summer Snacking Problems and Solutions

*Parent Corner: Healthy Celebrations/ Celebraciones Saludables

7/21/15 Download
(1,075KB PDF)
Spring 2015

*Technology Awareness 

*Physical Activity Game-Beach Ball Frenzy

*Cherry Smoothie Recipe

*Taste the Rainbow

*Active Transportation

*Parent Corner: 'Good' Bacteria for Health/Bacteria 'Buena' Para Nuestra Salud


7/21/15 Download
(1,091KB PDF)
Winter 2014

Body Image

Active Play

Free Garden Workshop


Beet & Carrot Slaw Wrap Recipe

Parent Insert: Raise a Reader

1/28/15 Download
(633KB PDF)
Fall 2014

*Food Safety

*Knife Skills

*Carrot Apple Soup

*Fun Cooking Games

*The Scoop on Poop!

10/22/14 Download
(2,204KB PDF)
Summer 2014

*The Power of Physical Activity Breaks

*Children and Junk Food Commercials

*Avoiding Summer Weight Gain

*Frozen Banana and Peanut Butter Nibbles

*Summer Food Program

*Parent Insert - Secondary Drowning


8/14/14 Download
(659KB PDF)
Spring 2014

*Eat Smart To Play Hard

*5 Ways Breakfast Helps Children Thrive

*Science Day, May 8th

*Hand Washing Quiz

*Cuban Black Bean Soup Recipe


4/11/14 Download
(768KB PDF)
Fall 2013

Friendly Bacteria

Roasted Garbanzo Beans recipe

Octopus Tag

Active Children

Parent insert - Caution with Caffeine

12/20/13 Download
(707KB PDF)
Summer 2013

*Backpack Safety

*Frozen Fruit Kabobs with Yogurt Dip

*Simple Kites

*Picnic Planning

*Food Safety

7/11/13 Download
(1,046KB PDF)
Spring 2013

*Sleepy Teens

*Storing Fruits and Veggies

*Cheese and Kale Quiche recipe

4/5/13 Download
(676KB PDF)
Winter 2012

*Healthy, Hunger-free Kids Act*
*Breakfast in the Classroom*
*Marble Relay*
*Persimmon Bread Recipe*

1/8/13 Download
(349KB PDF)
Fall 2012

*Healthy school fundraisers
*Baked Pears recipe
*Holiday luminaries craft project
*Is popcorn healthy?
*Parent Insert - Fill Up on Fiber

9/28/12 Download
(548KB PDF)
Spring 2012

*Apple & Orange Juice is Safe to Drink
*Keeping Children Active While Learning
*Should I Eat a Gluten-Free Diet?
*Who Loves Asparagus?
*Garden Project: Growing Your Name

3/20/12 Download
(987KB PDF)
Winter 2011

*Kitchen Safety
*Food Label Quiz: Read It Before You Eat It
*Keeping Packed Lunches Safe
*Answer to the Food Label Quiz
*Cilantro Green Eggs & Ham, Anyone?

12/20/11 Download
(986KB PDF)
Fall 2011

*Food & Beverage Marketing Industry*Extraordinary Lunch Menu Ideas*A New  Food Icon?*A Sweet Treat of Sweet Potatoes*Nutritional Duck, Duck, Goose

10/6/11 Download
(988KB PDF)
Summer 2011

*ReThink Your Drink this Summer*
*Strawberry Agua Fresca Recipe*
*Summer Safety*
*Approaching Picky Eaters*
*Interactive Meal Creation*
*Parent Component*

7/1/11 Download
(314KB PDF)
Spring 2011

2010 Dietary Guidelines
Allergies 101
Spinach Brownie Muffins recipe

4/12/11 Download
(848KB PDF)
Winter 2010

*Whooping Cough*Family Meals*Purple Cabbage & Apple Slaw*Heart Awareness*

1/7/11 Download
(1,139KB PDF)
Fall 2010 *Veggie and Fruit Consumption*Encouraging Reading*Multivitamins*A Sweet Treat Recipe*   Download
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