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Winter 2015

* GO and WHOA Snack Challenge

* Lactose Intolerance

* First 5 eBook Gift Giveaway

* Kitchen Skills

* Sweet Potato French Toast

* Parent Corner: Be the Change; ¡Sé el Cambio!


1/26/16 Download
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Fall 2015

*Food Dance

*Have a Happy Halloween!

*October is Walk Month

*Sleep, School, and Food

*Vegetable Dip Recipe

*Parent Corner:Let's Play!/¡Jugamos!


10/5/15 Download
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Summer 2015

*What's Your Preschool Healthy Environment Score?

*Throw and Catch Practice with Fruits and Vegetables

*Summer Meals Program

*5 Summer Snacking Problems and Solutions

*Watermelon Ice Cubes

*Parent Corner: Healthy Celebrations?Celebraciones Saludables


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Spring 2015

*Teeth: Preschool Years

*Picky Eater

*The Food Bank's Children's Harvest Program

*Active Transportation

*Homemade Ice-Cream

*Parent Corner: 'Good' Bacteria for Health!/ Bacteria 'Buena' Para Nuestra Salud

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Winter 2014

Body Image

Sixty Minutes of Active Play Everyday

Mimic The Vegetable Part


Beet and Carrot Slaw Wrap Recipe

Parent Insert: Raise a Reader!

1/28/15 Download
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Fall 2014

*The Color of Fruit

*Going to the Grocery Store!

*Your Brain Makes You Crave Food Not Your Stomach!

*Tips to Help Children Sleep

*Pumpkin Loaf with Raisins

*The Scoop on Poop!

10/22/14 Download
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Summer 2014

*Draw Your Dream Garden

*Children and Junk Food Commercials

*Avoiding Summer Weight Gain

*Frozen Yogurt Fruit Cups

*Summer Food Service Program

*Parent Insert - Secondary Drowning

8/14/14 Download
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Spring 2014

*Imagination Talk

*Hand Washing Quiz

*Cuban Black Bean Soup Recipe

*Food For Senses

*5 Ways Breakfast Helps Children Thrive

*The Division of Responsibility Part 2

4/11/14 Download
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Winter 2013

*Microwave Cooking


*Carrot Apple Soup

*Simon Says

*The Division of Responsibility Part 1

1/6/14 Download
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Fall 2013

Nutrient in this Season's Harvest

Vitamins and Supplements

Cooking with your Preschooler

Banana Pancake Recipe

Sugary Drinks means more Pounds for Children


Parent Insert - Caution with Caffiene

12/20/13 Download
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Summer 2013

*What is Gluten?

*Simple Kites

*Summer Meal Program

*Great Grains

*Banana Ice Cream

*Food Safety

7/11/13 Download
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Spring 2013

*Playground Safety

*Smart Snacking

*A Smashing Side Dish

*Appropriate Portion Sizes for Preschoolers

*The 5 Second Rule

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Winter 2012

*Reading to Your Preschooler*
*Rainy Day Yoga*
*Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables*
*Creamy Broccoli Soup Recipe*

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Fall 2012

*Anemia prevention
*Harvest Pumpkin Scones recipe
*Healthy celebrations
*Thanksgiving turkey art project
*Parent Insert - Fill Up on Fiber

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Spring 2012

Apple & Orange Juice is Safe to Drink
Keeping Children Active While Learning
Asparagus in a Blanket
Gardening Project: Growing Your Name

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Winter 2011

Sponge Safety, Food Label Quiz, Keeping Packed Lunches Safe, Red Cabbage & Apple Slaw Recipe, Meal Etiquette, Answers to Food Label Quiz

12/7/11 Download
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Fall 2011

Food & Beverage Marketing Industry, Extraordinary Lunch Menu Ideas, A New Food Icon?, A Sweet Treat of Sweet Potatoes, Nutritional Duck, Duck, Goose

10/6/11 Download
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Summer 2011

Rethink Your Drink this Summer, Strawberry Agua Fresca recipe, Summer Safety, Parent Class Series, Handling a Picky Eater, and an Interactive Meal Creation resource.

6/28/11 Download
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Spring 2011

2010 Dietary Guidelines
Allergies 101
Spinach Brownie Muffins recipe
Parent Letter

4/12/11 Download
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Winter 2010

Whooping Cough (Pertussis), The Importance of Family Meals, Purple Cabbage & Apple Slaw Recipe, Valentine's Day Arts & Crafts Corner

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Fall 2010 Issue

Articles included in issue are: A Child's Veggie and Fruit Consumption, Learning their ABC's, "Give Me That" --Teaching Children to Share, and a Sweet Treat to Gobble recipe.

10/26/10 Download
(321KB PDF)
Summer 2010 *Our Program*Teaching Moments*Refreshing Summer Treat Recipe*Movement*   Download
Spring 2010 In This Issue: Don't Skip Out On Breakfast Handy Portion Guidelines French Toast Kebabs Using Media Wisely   Download
Winter 2009

In This Issue: Social Skills Lead to Happiness & Success in Children Free Dental Clinics for Children Ages 5 & under No-Bake Granola Bars Movable Market Essential Minerals

4/12/11 Download
Fall 2009 In This Issue: HINI Virus and You Free Dental Clinics for Children Ages 5 & Under A Spooky Snack The Moveable Market Improvements to Resturant Menus   Download
Summer 2009 Summer Safety Tips Corn Syrup and your Health Summer Produce Sweet Summer Treats Planning the perfect Picnic Garden Pasta Salad Free Activity Kits 1/1/00 Download
Spring 2009 Daylight Savings Spring Time Favorites Why Physical Activity Asparagus Rafts How does your school measure up   Download
Winter 2008

In This Issue: Winter Blues Let's Get Moving What you need to know about food allergies Let's Make Play Dough Sugar Questions and Answers Tangerine Carrot Cupcakes

4/12/11 Download
Fall 2008 In This Issue: Leaf Madness Free Dental Clinics for Children Halloween Precautions Pumpkin Painting Whole Wheat Pumpkin Pancakes Beat the Wheat with Whole Wheat   Download
Summer 2008 In This Issue: Summer Fun Fruit Juice vs Fruit Drink Fast & Easy Snacks Kids need to strech too Do we need Magnesium   Download
Spring 2008 Spring Forward Pleading, Bargaining, & Bribes, Oh My! Asparagus Frittata Not all screen time is bad Allergy Relief Vegetables Have Calcium Too! Activity Kits Free From the University of California   Download
Winter 2007

In This Issue: Young Children should Never Diet Break the Fast Eat Fresh, Eat Seasonally Weekend Warm Up Beating the Winter Blues Food Safety

4/12/11 Download
Fall 2007 Safe Toys Outdoor Fun Recipes Resources   Download
Summer 2007 In This Issue: Summer Kid Friendly recipes Helpful Hints Preventing Childhood Obesity Curriculum Choices   Download
Spring 2007 In This Issue: New Spins on Old Favorites Fruits & Vegetables Hidden Fruits & Veggies Eye Appeal & Container Fun Curriculum for Preschools   Download
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