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Meeting Announcement: Almond Pollination and Orchard Pollinator Plantings

Almond Pollination and Orchard Pollinator Plantings
8304 County Road 91B, Zamora, CA 95698

March 15, 2016     9:00am - 11:00am

This field day will provide an overview of integrated crop pollination and on-farm wildflower plantings for almonds in the Sacramento Valley. We will hear the latest research from a UC Davis lab studying almond pollination and wildflower plantings, learn about almond pollinators and how to support those pollinators using wildflowers. We will also discuss establishment and maintenance practices for planting habitat on field crop edges and provide an overview of plant species appropriate for plantings in the Sacramento Valley and beyond. Two growers will share their perspectives. For more information contact Katharina Ullmann at katharina@xerces.org or at 530-302-5504.

Bring a hat, sunscreen, and good walking shoes - event will be outdoors.

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