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This newsletter provides specific information on a fruit or vegetable. Each issue includes a recipe and a family activity for young children.

Issue Articles Type Date Added
Peas June 2010 Counting Peas Honey Glazed Pea Pods & Carrots PDF  
Broccoli April 2010 Broccoli Dip Taste Test Creamy Broccoli Soup PDF  
Beets February 2010 Counting Beet Rings Beets in Orange Sauce PDF  
Purple Cabbage January 2010 Coloring My Family Tree Red Cabbage & Apple Slaw PDF  
Cauliflower December 2009 Tortilla Pizza Math Pizza Game PDF  
Butternut Squash October 2009 Baked Butternut Squash Counting Squash Seeds PDF  
Melons August 2009 Fruit and Yogurt Parfait Science and Mathematics PDF  
Kale June 2009 Cheese and Kale Quiche Creative Arts PDF  
Asparagus May 2009 Asparagus in a Blanket Asparagus Math PDF  
Swiss Chard April 2009 Tortilla Casserole Painting with Swiss Chard PDF  
Spinach Mar 09 Spinach Brownies Stem the Alphabet PDF  
Leeks Feb 09 Potato Leek Soup Counting Leek Rings PDF  
Cabbage Jan 09 Savoy Cabbage Rolls Coloring the Family Tree PDF  
Collard Greens Dec 08 Tortilla Pizza Math Pizza Game PDF  
Turnips, Nov 08 Turnip mashed potatos Leaf painting PDF  
Acorn Squash, Oct 08 Baked acron squash with brown sugar Counting games with squash seeds PDF  
Bell Peppers, Sept 08 Chicken Fajita recipe Bell pepper boat color game PDF  
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