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Winter, 2013 (3,141KB)

Living Christmas Tree - Laura Cameron

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug - Chuck Ingels

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden - Melissa Kelly

Collecting Memories - Willa Bowman Pettygrove

Wiggle Worm Composting - Jan Bower

Decorating for the Holidays from the Garden - Laura Cameron

Garden Walk Buffalo - David Studer

Kill Your Lawn, Not Your Trees - Bonnie Berman

UC IPM Updates

Winter Gardening Tips - Linda Parsons

Free Master Gardener Classes 


PDF 12/5/13
Spring, 2014 (2,331KB)

*The Improved Yolo County Master Gardener Website - Jim Fowler

*Grow your Own Vegetables From Seed - Michelle Haunold

*Woodland Community College Spring Garden Fair and Plant Sale - Bonnie Berman

*Keep the Neighbors Happy When You Take Out Your Lawn - Willa Bowman Pettygrove

*Thinning Fruit and Seedlings - Laura Cameron

*Hedgerows as Habitat - Jan Bower

*Spring Gardening Tips - Linda Parsons

*Free Master Gardener Classes 

PDF 3/21/14
Fall, 2013 (2,122KB)

* Care and Maintenance of Citrus"

* The Horse-Owning Gardener's Dilemma

* Reading the Fine Print of Seed Packets and Catalogs

* Coffee Grounds: Good for your Plant

* The Lazy Gardener

* Fall Gardening Tips

* Advice to Grow By: What Do You Want to Learn Today?

Free Yolo County Master Gardener Workshops

PDF 9/20/13
"Super Pest" - Marmorated Stink Bug makes an appearance in Sacramento (589KB)

The recent news about the brown marmorated stink bug (http://ucanr.org/?blogpost=11487&blogasset=60503) is good information is good information on this new pest to our area.

PDF 9/20/13
Summer, 2013 (3,684KB)

Citrus and Avocado – David Studer

Plant Fads and Old-Time Favorites – Willa Bowman Pettygrove

Creating a Dry Stream Bed – Jan Bower

Grape-Pruning Workshop – Michelle Haunold

Are They Ripe Yet ? – Laura Cameron

The Singapore Botanical Gardens – Ann Daniel

Summer Gardening Tips – Linda Parsons

PDF 6/11/13
Spring 2013 (3,368KB)

Master Gardening in Yolo County by Jim Fowler

Snails and Aphids. . . Must be Spring! by David Studer

Eucalyptus Globulus (Blue Gum) in California: Back to the Future by Willa Pettygrove

Charles Robert Darwin, the Botanist by Jan Bower

"Praying" Mantis: Friend? Enemy? Frenemy? by Peg Smith

Everything's Better with Bacon (Avocados, that is) by Jan Bower

Show Girls of Davis Central Park by Linda Parsons

Spring Gardening Tips by Linda Parsons

PDF 3/1/13
Winter 2012 (3,579KB)

“Bats with Benefits“ – Jim Fowler

“Edible Landscaping” – David Studer

“Horticultural Whodunits and other Bookish Escapes” – Ann Daniel

“Mystery Crop” – Betsy Lurie

“Adaptive Gardening” – Cid Barcellos

“Phenology: What is it and Why Should we Care?” – Diana Morris

“Life is Sweet (Potatoes” – Willa Bowman Pettygrove

“Installing a Rain Garden: A Win-Win Situation” – Jan Bower

“Winter Gardening Tips“ – Linda Parsons

PDF 12/4/12
Fall 2012 (1,628KB)

“Good Bugs, Bad Bugs”  - Willa Bowman Pettygrove

“Garden Discovery” – Peggy Smith

“Gardening for Seniors: A Lifelong Pleasure” – Jan Bower

“As Gardens Grow” – Laura Cameron

“Why Agricultural Inspection?” – David Studer

“Your Neighbors are Asking” – Betsy Lurie

“Fall Gardening Tips” – Linda Parsons

PDF 9/2/12
Summer 2012 (2,552KB)

“Garden Weeds: Fighting the Good Fight” – Karen Wiesner

“It’s a Lawn Story” – Betsy Lurie

“Marvels of Adaptation in the Desert” – Jan Bower

“What Grows in Cuba Stays in Cuba”  - David Studer

“Pests of the Home Garden”  - Laura Cameron

“Arizona Gardens: Not Just Hot Sand” – Willa Bowman Pettygrove

“Summer Gardening Tips” – Linda Parsons

PDF 6/2/12
Spring 2012 (2,435KB)

“Breeding Your Own Peppers” – Tamar Rein

“Your Neighbors are Asking!” – Betsy Lurie

“Rain Gardens” – David Studer

“Spring Nursery Trips” – Laura Cameron

“Citrus Versus Temperate Fruit Trees” – Willa Bowman Pettygrove

“Spring Gardening Tips” – Linda Parsons

“Pollards” - Jan Bower

Free Master Gardener Workshops

Any complete issue of the Yolo Gardener may be downloaded from http://ceyolo.ucdavis.edu/news_407/The_Yolo_Gardener/

PDF 3/2/12
Winter 2011 (2,863KB)

“Water-Wise Gardening” – Ann Daniel

“Bulbs”- Laura Stuber Cameron

“The Winner Is” – Linda Parsons

“Grace Garden” – Cind Barcellos

“Cut Flowers Banish Winter Blues” – Jan Bower

“The Food Bank Garden” – Steve Radosevich

“Holiday Magic at the New York Botanical Garden” – David Studer

“Chinese Gardens” Willa Bowman Pettygrove

“Winter Gardening Tips” – Linda Parsons

PDF 12/1/11
Fall 2011 (2,891KB)

"A Weed or a Beneficial Plant?" - Laura Stuber Cameron
"Lupines - A Native and a Wild Flower" - Jan Bower
"Saving Seeds for Next" - Laura Stuber Cameron
"Postman’s Park" - David Studer
"What Do Beekeepers Read?"- Willa Bowman Pettygrove
"Pumpkins to Grow, Harvest, Carve, and Cook" Linda Parsons
"Autumn Gardening Tips" - Linda Parsons

PDF 9/2/11
Summer 2011 (3,264KB)

“Common Tomato Problems” – Karen Wiesner

“Pocket Gophers” – Barbara Ohlendorf

“First Aid for Gardeners” – Jan Bower

“Changing One Garden Practice at a Time” – Gwen Oliver

“Searching for Yolo County’s Favorite Tomatoes” – Steve Radosevich

“Moon Gardens” – David Studer

“A Study in Contrasts and Similarities” – Peg Smith

“Success in Community Gardening” – Margaret Pettygrove and Willa Bowman Pettygrove

“Summer Gardening Tips “ – Linda Parsons

PDF 6/3/11
Spring 2011 (3,352KB)

“Don’t Dawdle with Giant Dodder” – Diana Morse

“Aphids, and Earwigs, and Snails! Oh My” – Barbara Ohlendorf

“Why Have a Vegetable Garden in a Park?”- Peg Smith

“Fun With Genetics” – Willa Pettygrove

“2011 Picks of the Year” – Jan Bower

“Plants That Stink!” – David Studer

“Spring Gardening Tips“ – Linda Parsons

“Free Public Education Classes” – Steve Radosevich and Peg Smith

PDF 3/1/11
Winter 2010 (3,858KB)

"Pest Notes: The Bible for Controlling Pests in the Home Garden" - Jim Fowler
"'Down Under Plants': Lessons Learned"- Willa Pettygrove
"Invasion of the Exotics" - Laura Cameron
"Brace for Jack Frost"- David Studer
"Great Looking Seasonal Wreaths" - Jan Bower
"Low Water Turf Choices" - Laura Cameron
"Winter Gardening Tips" - Linda Parsons

PDF 12/1/10
Fall 2010 “Tree Squirrels” - Willa Petygrove “READY, SET, GROW” – Peg Smith “Winters Farmers Market” – Diana Morris “Read the Label” – Jim Fowler “Exploring the UCSC Life Lab” – Patt Tauzer Pavao “Fall Garden Jewels” – Linda Parsons “How I Became—and Remain—A Gardener” – Fred Deneke “Nature’s Medicine Chest:” – Jan Bower “Autumn Gardening Tips” – Linda Parsons PDF  
Summer 2010 “Cherry Harvest: Good, or Rotten?” – Steve Radosevich “Bamboo 101”- Jan Resler “Managing Turf While Preserving the Environment” – Jim Fowler “Plant Collecting Part II: African Violets” – Willa Pettygrove “Companion Planting: Good Buddies in the Garden” – Jan Bower “Bristlecone Pines” – Fred Denke “Sustainable Gardening and Winter Vegetables” – Laura Cameron “Summer Gardening Tips” – Linda Parsons PDF  
Spring 2010 -Quarantine! The Light Brown Apple Moth by David Studer -Spring Vegetables by Laura Cameron -The Versatile Agave by Diane Rake -Ohanami by David Studer -Taming Overgrown Fruit Trees by Nyla Wiebe and Steve Radosevich -Perennial and Herb Picks for 2010 by Jan Bower -Spring Gardening Tips by Linda Parsons -Spring Gardening Workshops and Plant Sale PDF  
Winter 2009 * What the Platyhelminthes is This! – Peg Smith * Extraterrestrial Gardening – Jan Bower * Renew, Rejuvenate, and Rejoice – Linda Parsons * Community Gardening – Merle Clarke * The Appeal of Rock Gardens – Jan Bower * Simple Tools That Work in the Garden – Willa Pettygrove * Stormy Weather – David Studer * Winter GardeningTips – Linda Parsons * Choosing Mulches – Albert Crepeau * Discarding Plastic Pots – Diana Morris PDF  
Fall 2009 “Foiling the Fungus Fairy” – Linda Parsons “Tea Time in the Garden” Patt Pavao “The Lunatic Gardener’s Guide to Water Gardens” – David Studer “Training Trees with Espalier” – Laura Cameron “More Reasons To Respect Plants: Poisons!” - Fred Denke “The Past is Prologue at Wolfskill" – Willa Pettygrove “From Parking Lot to Produce” – Peggy Smith “Fall Planting Guide for Roses” – Albert Crepeau “The Sleuths of Yolo County” – Martha Platt & Nyla Wiebe “Fall Gardening Tips” – Linda Parsons PDF  
Summer 2009 *Snails and Slugs *time for Cactus Juice *Summer Pruning *Central Park Gardens Update *Creating a Bee Friendly Garden *Westfield Village Elementary School Comunity Garden *More Gardening for the Common Good *Vining Your Way PDF  
Spring 2009 *Gardening for a Change *And The Winner Is *Seeds of Imagination *To Raise or Not to Raise - That is the Question *Best Band for Your Buck *Oxalis: Flower, Snack, or Weed? *Rototilling: Friend or Foe *Spring Gardening Tips *ASK URSULA PDF  
Winter 2008 What is eating my Privet? *Farm Fun: Winter Gardening Activities *Home Grown Grapes *Experimenting with Winter Cover Crops *How to select Landscape Lighting *Reading About Soil: Part II *Fall Gardening Tips *Hedgerows PDF  
Fall 2008 * Choosing and Maintaining Healthy Roses: Tips for Fall * Peter J. Shields Oak Grove * Naturalized Gardening * Central Park Garden * Garden Soil: The Problem of Drainage * Your Backyard CAn help Reduce Global Climate Change * Fall Gardening Tips * ASK URSULA * Free Master Gardener Classes PDF  
Summer 2008 *Earthworms in the Garden, Redworms in the Leftovers *Attracting the Good Guys - Beneficial Insects *Dig Into Some Summer Reading - On Soil *Micro Crop Raising: Grow More in Less Space *Environmentally Sound Lawn Management *Argentine Ants *To Mulch or Not to Mulch *Summer Gardening Tips *Ask Ursula PDF  
Spring 2008 *Look It Up on the IPM Website *Art in Gardening *Aphids *Westfield Village Elementary School Community Garden *Plan a Garden - Then Plant It *Spring Tomato Fever Hits Yolo County *Spring Gardening Tips *ASK URSULA * HOW TO Spring Gardening Classes PDF  
Winter 2007 Christmas Cactus in Bloom Ring Around Your Holidays Have a Green Christmas! Winter Gardening Tips Pest Invasions Winter in the Backyard Orchard Ladybugs or Lady Beetles ASK URSULA PDF  
Fall 2007 *Think Spring *Reccommended Trees for Yolo County *Can Palms be Grown Successfully in Northern California? *Fall Gardening Tips *Composting: Pile It Up and Let It Rot! *Drying Herbs *Gardening for the Common Good *Ask Ursula PDF  
Summer 2007 Nutsedge: Can You Dig It? What Makes a Mediterranean Garden Summer Gardening Tips Controlling Rats in the Garden and Home How and Why I Became a Master Gardener Homey Bees and Colony Collapse Disorder The Backyard Orchard: Fertilizing & Pruning Citrus Ask Ursula PDF  
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